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Our Team

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

David Thedinga

David Thedinga is a renowned thought leader in the health insurance industry, with extensive experience in connecting people to their best health options. As the Founder of Tikvah, he leverages his expertise to connect individuals with essential health benefits, addressing their needs and preferences. Under his leadership, Tikvah has become a pivotal platform for informed health care decisions. Thedinga's innovative approach and commitment have solidified his status as a key influencer in the health insurance landscape. David resides in beautiful Charleston, SC with his three kids Aidan, Rachel, and Christian.

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Brian Hester

Dr. Brian Hester is a seasoned chiropractor with over 25 years of experience, known for his holistic approach to wellness and his role as the co-founder of The Wellness Progression, an innovative online nutrition coaching program. Alongside his wife, Desiree, he has impacted thousands through patient care, nutrition coaching, and life-transforming guidance. Dr. Brian's life is enriched by moments with his wife and their dog, Max, exploring the scenic trails of Arizona, reflecting his passion for personal and professional excellence. His career is marked by a dedication to improving others' health and well-being, demonstrating his commitment and passion for making a positive impact.

Director of Member Experience

Lauren Williams

Lauren Williams has excelled in mastering and delivering new curricula, making complex material both understandable and engaging for students, while adeptly meeting their individual needs. Her role as a facilitator for team meetings and as a mentor for student teachers highlights her leadership and commitment to educational development. Contracted by the Charleston County School District, Lauren utilized her expertise to produce teaching videos, showcasing her ability to convey educational content effectively. These videos have been widely used across the district, underscoring her impact in enhancing the instructional resources available to teachers.

Data Analyst and Operations Manager

Vicente Muñoz

Vicente Muñoz is an experienced professional with a strong track record in improving project outcomes within the education and healthcare sectors. He excels in achieving project objectives through his meticulous attention to detail, optimizing operational processes, and fostering team collaboration. Vicente’s expertise in integrating technology insights with stakeholder goals has consistently enhanced project efficiency and effectiveness. His dedicated approach and strategic thinking have established him as a key player in advancing the success of educational and healthcare initiatives.

Virtual Assistant - Executive Secretary

Khristine L. Alba

Khristine Alba has been an integral part of the Tikvah team for two years, where she has honed her skills as a proficient virtual assistant renowned for her multitasking abilities and effective communication. Her tenure with Tikvah has showcased her capacity to deliver professional services with consistent motivation and precision, meeting critical deadlines across various projects. Her adeptness in managing diverse tasks and facilitating successful client interactions has cemented her reputation for quality and reliability. Khristine's commitment and expertise make her an indispensable member of the Tikvah team, providing exceptional administrative support and contributing to the organization's success.

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