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Frequently Asked Questions

  • There are many things that make Tikvah unique in comparison to traditional insurance companies, platforms, or other cost-sharing communities. Number one, we are wellness-focused…Tikvah’s engagement and gamification system are one of the things that set our community apart. We believe in an incentive-based change to get you excited about improving your overall health & wellness & feel you should be celebrated for reaching your health goals. This inspired the ranks of our gamified rewards within the community that can help facilitate transformation. Another aspect that sets Tikvah apart is our internal education.  We offer robust education topics that range from mindset to functional healing through Tikvah’s partner practitioners, coaches, and partners. Additionally, Tikvah sets itself apart by going above and beyond to participate in costs for a greater capacity of health needs requests than traditional insurance, platforms or other cost-sharing companies.

  • Anyone who can benefit and who aligns with this mission is welcome to apply to join. Access to certain types programs and plans can vary with age. 

  • There is no annual enrollment period. Members can enroll or cancel at any time; all changes must be made prior to the 20th of the month and become effective on the 1st of the following month.

  • Yes, spouses and dependent children up to age 26 are welcome.

  • Yes, although the healthcare mandate has changed, Tikvah can be compliant where it’s necessary with all ACA and state mandates for healthcare as needed.

  • Absolutely! Our community resources and education are the first of its kind.  In addition, we can tap into different types of healthcare plans and models that have existed for many, many years and serves millions of people throughout the US.

  • Yes, but based on our community agreement we do have different standards in regard to health needs and requests for help.  We also know continuity of care and a trusting practitioner-patient relationship are crucial to better healthcare so we want to support our members fully in pursuit of overall better health. 

  • Medical bills for treatment, over your IUA, are shared and resolved through the community. Consult Tikvah for the member guidelines for full details.

  • Let the doctor know that you are a member of a Tikvah Health and Wellness community and dependent upon the type of service could pay for it up front.  Always ask for a “prompt pay” discount. Many practices are happy to offer one since they will not have to file claims with insurance companies and wait for payment. You can refer your doctor to the Tikvah Community for furthering processing of your medical bills along with our other partners. 

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