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Tikvah Health & Wellness Partners with Nutridyn to Offer Exclusive Discounts on High-Quality Supplements to Members

Updated: May 8

Tikvah Health & Wellness is excited to announce a new partnership with Nutridyn, a leading provider of premium nutritional supplements. Effective immediately, all Tikvah members will enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on Nutridyn’s extensive range of high-quality supplements. This initiative is designed to make it easier and more affordable for members to access the essential nutrients needed to support their health and wellness goals.

Empowering Health with Quality Supplements

Nutridyn has been recognized for its comprehensive selection of nutritional supplements that cater to various health needs and dietary preferences. From vitamins and minerals to specialized supplements for joint health, digestive wellness, and immune support, Nutridyn offers products that are both effective and trustworthy.

"Tikvah Health & Wellness is committed to providing our members with the resources they need to lead healthier lives," said David Thedinga, Founder of Tikvah. "Our partnership with Nutridyn not only broadens the variety of health products available to our members but also makes these important supplements more accessible through exclusive savings."

A Focus on Holistic Well-being

This collaboration with Nutridyn aligns with Tikvah’s holistic approach to health, which includes integrating traditional medical treatments with natural and preventative measures. "By offering these high-quality supplements at a discount, we are helping our members to invest in their health, enhancing our mission to support each individual’s wellness journey," Dr. Tran added.

How Members Can Benefit

All current and new members of Tikvah Health & Wellness are eligible for the 10% discount on any purchase from Nutridyn’s product line. Members can easily access their discount through a special code provided upon membership confirmation or renewal. This offer is part of Tikvah’s ongoing efforts to enhance member benefits and support the well-being of its community.


About Nutridyn

Nutridyn has been a trusted name in nutritional supplements for over four decades. With a commitment to the highest quality ingredients and rigorous testing, Nutridyn ensures that every product meets strict standards of efficacy and safety. Their wide range of supplements is designed to meet the nutritional needs of diverse populations, making wellness achievable for everyone.

About Tikvah Health & Wellness

Tikvah Health & Wellness is a pioneering healthcare provider that combines traditional medical practices with holistic health solutions. Dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of its members, Tikvah offers a variety of services and partnerships that promote holistic health practices and accessible wellness resources.

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